Massive Caterpillar 944K Wheel Loader – The Statistics Behind The Size

The largest wheel loader produced by Caterpillar is the 994 model. The massive Caterpillar 994 is 427,209 pounds in weight, approximately twice the weight, power, and bucket capacity of the wheel loader. Everything about the Caterpillar 994 is enormous, even the 22.1-foot-tall tires. When the first prototype was built in 1989 at Caterpillar’s newly established Mining Vehicle Center, the biggest tires on the market barely fit the massive machine’s requirements.

New Caterpillar 994 models that needed bigger tires for appropriate operation couldn’t be introduced for several years after the initial loaders for Arizona’s Cs Sierrita mine departed the Decatur assembly factory. The new 53.5/85-57 tires would be the biggest ones in use up until the LeTourneau L-2350 wheel loader is introduced. They would weigh roughly 13,800 pounds each and have an overall diameter of about 13 feet.

The Caterpillar 994 wheel loader is renowned for its dependability and productivity on mining sites all over the world. Its mobile design enables it to quickly replace a mining fleet’s huge electric shovels if necessary. Its large 23 yd3 buckets can handle up to 70,000 kg at a time, enough to load a 150-ton hauler in four passes. Caterpillar had sold 200 units by 1998 and was getting ready to launch the 994D, an improved version.

The upgraded loader was powered by a Caterpillar 3516B TA 69L engine that generated 1,375 horsepower and had a stronger chassis and improved lift arms. A joystick control that is placed to the left of the operator’s seat has taken the place of the previous steering wheel in the vehicle’s revised steering mechanism. 

To know more about this massive wheel loader, let’s watch the video below:

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