Moty KE 3000 HydroS Pumpkin Seed Harvester Working Perfectly On The Farm

Performance, form, and aesthetics are unparalleled in the Moty KE 3000 hydroS pumpkin seed harvester. The hydraulic drive allows the harvester to operate independently in all directions. The machine arranges the pumpkins in a straight line so that they can be hoisted. A four-section drum inside the machine crushes the pumpkins and isolates each seed for easy collection.

In an hour, it can pick 1 to 1.5 hectares of pumpkins. According to the video, that’s tens of thousands in under 60 minutes: Moty is a producer of agricultural machinery with an emphasis on tools for removing pumpkin seeds. It is by far the most useful because it can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to being eaten, used to create oil, and given to cattle, pumpkin seeds have several industrial uses.

The Moty KE 3000 hydroS pumpkin seed harvester, as seen in the video, is equipped with different tools for each stage of the procedure. Although it multitasks well, it lacks some of the independence of the others we’ve seen. First and foremost, he uses a plow to lift the pumpkins out of the ground and arrange them in a row. The pumpkins are then strung together and moved to a conveyor belt inside the combine by a wheel with spikes that moves along the row.

Now let’s watch Moty KE 3000 HydroS Pumpkin Seed Harvester Working Perfectly On The Farm in the video below:

Source: Moty GmbH

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