Nothing Is More Satisfying Than Watching This Giant Beast In Action – The World’s Biggest Wheel Loader LeTourneau L-2350

The largest front end wheel loader in the world is the L-2350 loader. A Boeing 737 weighs less than it does. LeTourneau, a Texas-based manufacturer, makes this powerful machinery, which is often used to load materials like gold or ore for dump trucks. Nothing beats witnessing it in action, like in the video below.

Despite not looking anything like the huge L-2350 front loader, LeTourneau created the first front loader with rubber tires in 1946. The world’s largest earthmover is without a doubt this beast, which made its public debut in 2000 at the World Mine Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tires of a typical bucket are 5′ broad and 13′ tall, and they can support the weight of five dump trucks.

Due to its operational weight of 258 tons (516,000 pounds), the LeTourneau L-2350 takes a lot of energy to carry and operate. The LeTourneau brawler can load large mining trucks and other haulers up to 400 tons in capacity. The Texas-made L-2350 can load massive trucks with whatever you can find in a quarry, from coal to gold.

African elephants may weigh up to 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilograms), so the LeTourneau L-2350 can move more than 11 elephants’ worth of weight. 

Let’s watch Biggest Wheel Loader In The World – LeTourneau L-2350 In Action in the video below:

Source: Extreme World

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