P&H 4100 AC Mining Shovel – A True Monster Machine!

P&H Mining Equipment displays its amazing 4100 AC Mining Shovel. This enormous piece of equipment is made to withstand the harshest mining conditions on earth. The cutting-edge P&H Mining Equipment 4100 class mining shovel is connected to the excellent P&H Centurion platform, which is then driven by an advanced AC drive system.

The operator’s cab, which is readily visible, houses the robust AC drive and control system. The Centurion control system, which continuously adjusts and improves the entire shovel system, is also shown from above. In-pit crusher-conveyor systems and ultra-class haul trucks are loaded using mining shovels in the 4100 class.

Modern engineering and technical advances have enhanced the capabilities of these heavy-duty shovels. A hoist bail pull mechanism, wide twin-leg handing for stability, controls for the dipper’s adjustment, maximum cutting power for quicker cycle times, and fills factors for extremely heavy digging are all included in the system. Joy Global lists planetary transmissions, delta drives, and dual-hoist motors as trustworthy parts.

The AC drives offer the best direct torque control available on the market and they are small, air-cooled, and modular. A high-capacity fiber-optic network keeps an eye on the motor’s more than 500 I/O nodes. Ergonomic and sight line enhancements will benefit the operator, and a graphical user interface display will let them keep an eye on their performance and general well-being.

Let’s take a look at P&H 4100 AC Mining Shovel in the video below:

Source: P&H Mining Equipment

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