Reaper Binder – Amazing Rice Harvesting Machine, Cutting-Edge Technology

Modern equipment and machines have made the work of farmers become easier. With the help of these advanced technologies, labor that once took days or weeks may now be completed in a matter of hours. The reaper binder is one of them. 

Reaper Binder is an innovative, brand-new product with its own intellectual property and cutting-edge technology, making it special and productive. The machinery is mostly used to harvest and bind low stem crops including wheat, rice, barley, and oats. The header uses a strong pulling torque shaft drive and wider herringbone tires to keep our equipment running smoothly. The armrest can be rotated to the left, right, up, and down to accommodate people of varying heights. 

There are two types of reaping and binding equipment: wheel tires and self-propelled. The reaper binder machine can be divided into three rows and two rows of reaper binder, depending on the working rows of the machine.

This machine can work in a variety of landforms, including hills, slopes, mountains. The reaper-binder machine has a small volume and is built efficiently. On the field, it is more adaptable and user-friendly. You can move the steering control handlebar left, right, up or down. The handle may be rotated 180 degrees and 30 degrees vertically to adapt to a variety of conditions. 

Let’s see how reaper binder works in the video below:

Source: All In One Bangla

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