Recovering Containers Dropped At Sea Is Extremely Difficult, How Long Will It Take The Containers To Sink?

Cargo transport by sea is certainly the most efficient, cheapest and safest ᴍᴇᴛʜod used today. But this is only true if the cargo arrives at its destination on time and intact. And sometimes eventually, it ends up falling into the sea.

The most significant element in the annual ʟᴏss of thousands of containers is weather. Other causes of container ʟᴏss besides harsh weather include negligent handling, a lack of supervision, and poor stowage.

The cargo containers sink because they are not truly water-proof. We are unable to estimate how long it will take the containers to sink, though. It depends on the type of cargo within the container and the substance of the container. While some containers sink right away, others have been observed to float for up to 15 months.

Light and low-density shipment containers are typically known to float for a longer period of time. Reefer containers, which are much more tightly sealed, can float until they shatter or disintegrate. Containers that fall into the water at low altitudes flow more slowly than those that fall at high altitudes. Because of this, containers that drop from barges and other small seacraft can be collected before they scuttle. But when they ʜɪᴛ the ocean, containers that fall from the big cargo ships typically sink.

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Source: Reverse Engineering

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