Smallest Mini Aircrafts In The World You May Want To See

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an airplane is either the successful, large-capacity Boeing 737 or Airbus A320. While size is important in commercial aviation, which aspires to carry significant loads of freight and passengers, there is another aspect of the sector where small is the ideal. Aircraft of the most astounding dimensions have been produced since the early 1950s.

Stits SA-2A Sky Baby

The Sky Baby was created by Robert Starr and Ray Stits in 1952 with the ambitious goal of breaking the previous record. This aircraft had to meet a number of conditions, one of which being that the pilot must weigh 77 kg in order to maintain proper gravity. It needed to be traveling at a speed of 125 mph when it approached the runway in order to safely land without having the engine shut off. A tiny plane with a 2.1-meter wingspan holds the Guinness World Record for being the tiniest aircraft ever built.

Starr Bumble Bee

The Sky Baby held the record up until 1984, when Robert Starr created the Bumble Bee. The aircraft, which had a wingspan of only 2 meters, took off towards Marana, Arizona that same year and quickly broke the Guinness World Record.


Michel Colomban, an aviation engineer, constructed the little two-engine plane Cri-Cri in 1971. He wanted to build a cheap aircraft that could also perform aerobatic maneuvers. He was successful and gave it the name of his daughter Christine, who went by the nickname Cri-Cri. The aircraft is composed of light aluminum sheet and has a cantilever low-wing and a single-seat cockpit.

Let’s take a look at smallest mini aircrafts in the world in the video below:

Source: Beyond Facts

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