Start The Old Giant Diesel Engine Sulzer – Amazing Machine! 

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing an ancient piece of equipment run smoothly, and that is exactly what we get here. A classic diesel engine is this gigantic Sulzer engine.

This engine, which was built in the early 1900s, weighs around 200 tons and only generates 100 horsepower. The men in the video had to be a little careful and use some technique to get the old diesel engine starting, but once they did, the engine chugged along as if she has never missed a beat.

Despite being a part of the bigger Wärtsilä Company, Sulzer engines are still the biggest and best in the maritime shipping industry. The old engine featured in the film was once regarded as a monster in the engine industry and was initially designed to power a ship.

However, there was no key there to turn to start this old diesel. It took a lot of talent and the right touch to flip these antique animals over and start firing, like with this Sulzer. The fact that the Sulzer diesel engine is still starting up today speaks volumes about its durability and dependability.

Let’s watch how they start the old giant diesel engine sulzer in the video below:

Source: Jan46

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