The Largest Dump Truck In The World BELAZ 75710 At Work, Lifting A Load Of 450 Tons

Dump trucks have continued to grow in size as miners demand larger, more capable vehicles with enormous cargo capacities. Among these monsters, the Belaz 75710 is without a doubt the largest dump truck ever made. It is an off-road rigid dump truck known as a “haul truck” designed for heavy-duty construction and high-volume mining. They are able to transport building supplies from one place to another.

As you may expect, the enormous BelAZ 75710 can move a single weight of up to 450 metric tonnes. This enormous vehicle has a gross weight of 360 tons and a loaded weight of 810 tons. The BelAZ weighs a lot more than an A380 Airbus, which when fully loaded, weighs 1,265,000 pounds (574 tonnes).

The vehicle is 20.6, 8.16, and 9.87 meters long, tall, and wide, respectively. If you don’t have a tape measure, the length is roughly equal to two end-to-end parked double-decker London buses. It is easily the size of a home due to its eight massive Michelin tubeless pneumatic tires, which are more than twice as tall as the typical human. 

The speed of this vehicle belies its size. Although it has a large circumference, its top speed is only 64 kph (which is around 40 mph). Under the hood, it contains two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines, but it can only use one of them at once to conserve fuel when the tank is empty. The two MTU diesel engines provide 4,600 horsepower in total. This has about 8.5 times the power of a brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo, which only has 540 horsepower, to put it into perspective.

Let’s Watch The Largest Dump Truck In The World BELAZ 75710 At Work, Lifting A Load Of 450 Tons in the video below:

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