The World’s Biggest Plow Caterpillar D8H /E /D6R 650HP Working On Farm

Deep plowing was being done by Rouveen, The Nᴇᴛʜᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅs-based contractor Bijker Bulldozerverhuur with a Caterpillar D8H, D8E, and D6R with a combined horsepower of 650HP. The self-built plow can dig down two meters. To make the region better suited for various crops and easier to work on, the top layer of soil is plowed beneath, bringing the lighter sand and peat soil to the surface.

Deep tillage, which is defined as plowing to a depth of more than 12 inches or subsoiling to a depth of about 18 inches, enhanced crop yields on around half of the studded fields. Unfortunately, it was not possible to ascertain what the differences in soil properties were between the 50% of fields that responded appreciably to deep tillage and the remaining fields whose yields were either unaffected or occasionally reduced by deep tillage. Stands were typically less responsive to deep tillage than the heavier soils.

In comparison to material that had only been shallowly plowed, surface soil created by deep plowing in the fall dried out several weeks earlier in the spring. The topsoil did not dry out in the same way as the subsurface after subsoiling. The subsoil typically performed better than the surface soil in many regions, and deep plowing typically made it simpler to push the subsoil down to a seedbed. Fields with heavy manure responded to deep tillage on clays and loams more effectively than fields with light manure.

Spreading potash and phosphate on the ground before plowing, even in the fall, increased sugar beet yields compared to doing so in the seedbed. The exceptions to this result were heavier soils than sandy loams if plowing depths greater than 12 inches were used, as beet yields on these soils were lower. 

Now let’s watch The World’s Biggest Plow Caterpillar D8H /E /D6R 650HP Working On Farmin the video below:

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