This Mini Tractor Is So Powerful Despite Its Tiny Size

In locations with little space, small machines are utilized for tasks like cultivating soil and other tasks. The TZ 4K 14 minitractor, which is made in the Cᴢᴇᴄʜ Republic, excels at many tasks. The machine stands out for its compact size and outstanding maneuverability.

Two articulated pieces make up the tractor frame. The rear of the frame shifts in proportion to the front during turning. An engine for a tractor and a gearbox are located in the front of the frame. A linkage and an operator’s seat are included in the back section.

The tractor can be utilized in several areas depending on the extra equipment. The K4-14 small tractor is used to clear snow and other debris from the asphalt surface; the tractor has a front dump added for this purpose. It is compatible with both sweeping and blade mechanisms.

The model’s compact size allows it to manipulate orchard soil, apply fertilizer, and water. Plows, cultivators, cutters, mowers, and other implements can all be used with the tiny tractor. The machine has excellent cross-country performance, allowing it to function during the early springtime.

Let’s watch this mini tractor working in the video below:

Source: MrRafiKMF

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