This Unique Plane Could Cross The Atlantic In 3.5 Hours, Why Did It Fail?

The British and French governments collaborated to build the Supersonic Concorde, a commercial passenger plane. Due to its ability to move at double the speed of sound, the aircraft was hailed as a revolutionary piece of aviation technology. The aircraft was short-lived, nevertheless, as it stopped flying in 2003, 27 years after it started performing commercial flights in 1976. Here are some explanations on why the aviation marvel is no longer in flight.

Despite the Supersonic Concorde’s advanced technological capabilities, it was not permitted to fly on numerous routes. The aircraft’s sonic boom, which it produced as it flew, was the primary cause of the limits. The aircraft was very disturbing to the populations below due to its supersonic jet noise, which could potentially shatter glass as it moved.

The Supersonic Concorde’s construction was highly expensive. As a result, airlines tried to make money by selling tickets. The airplane was then promoted as a luxurious aircraft with extremely expensive tickets. The aircraft, however, was too small for the prices it was offering. When someone spends thousands of dollars on an airline ticket, they anticipate a nice environment with plenty of space to spread out and feel at ease during the ride. The Supersonic Concorde, on the other hand, lacked flatbed seats. The chairs’ 17-inch width and 7-inch recline severely limited passenger comfort.

Due to the Supersonic Concorde’s distinctive features, maintaining the aircraft required additional costs. To make sure the jet engine of the aircraft operated effectively, knowledge was needed. As a result, they had to hire consultants and purchase pricey parts. The Concorde had to be grounded because the cost of maintaining everything that was required to keep it in the air overall was too high.

The Concorde’s excessive fuel consumption quickly rendered it unprofitable due to the high cost of fuel. The jet was being fuelled with all the money, which was financially absurd. The Supersonic Concorde eventually failed when airlines gradually began to ground the aircraft.

Let’s take a look at the Supersonic Concorde Plane in the video below:

Source: Gordon Roxburgh

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