Top Biggest Crane Ships In The World – Giant Monsters On The Ocean

Crane vessels, often known as crane ships, are big, powerful ocean-going ships. They are ideal for offshore construction since they have large cranes that are capable of lifting tremendous weights. Take a look at the biggest crane ships in the world, which are employed in a variety of offshore building projects.

SSCV Sleipnir

The SSCV Sleipnir, the largest and newest player in the competition, finished sea testing and crane load tests in 2019. The eight-legged horse of Odin from mythology served as the inspiration for the name of this semi-submersible crane vessel. Heerema Marine Contractors is the ship’s owner and captain. Two rotating cranes that can lift 10,000 tons apiece are equipped on the world’s first LNG-powered construction vessel. The cranes were able to lift 11% of their maximum weight during operational tests (11,000 tons each).

SSCV Thialf

The largest crane ship in the world prior to Sleipnir was the SSCV Thialf. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding built her in 1985, and McDermott International was in charge of her until 1997, when Thialf was entrusted to her and Heerema Marine Contractors took her. The combined lifting capacity of Thialf’s two cranes is excellent at 14,200 tons. She measures 201.6 meters in length, 144 meters in height, and 88.4 meters in beam.

Saipem 7000

Saipem 7000, the third-largest semi-submersible crane vessel in the world, has broken Thialf’s previous record of 12,150 tons set during the Sabratha deck lifting in 2014 with a cumulative maximum lifting capability of 14,000 tons using her two cranes. Saipem is the name of the car’s owner, an oil and gas company. The Saipem 7000 has been in service since 1988 after being ordered in 1985 and released the following year. She measures 198 meters in length, 43.5 meters in height, and 87 meters in beam width.

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