Unexpected Dump Truck Falls Into Water And Is Rescued By A ʜɪᴛachi Zaxis 210LCH 

To meet the demands of a new market, ʜɪᴛachi developed the ZX series of crawler excavators, which feature superior engineering, endurance, and performance for the benefit of clients from across the world. One such example is the latest-generation ʜɪᴛachi ZX210LC-5G excavator. It offers multi-regional support services and makes use of global information technology to enhance product knowledge and make it simpler for clients to purchase the goods.

The quality of its products and ʜɪᴛachi’s technological prowess have earned them praise from all around the world. Superior design, CAE system stress analysis capabilities, and a sizable production data bank are just a few of the accomplishments that the R&D Division has demonstrated in the past. A substantial durability test area (427 hm2) is also available, allowing for extensive testing of new gear. The manufacturing division, which does robotic welding, machining, painting, assembling, and transferring, has automation as one of its goals.

Steel bushings are employed to boost durability, and the frame side of the boom top and boom foot brackets are strengthened with thicker high-tensile steel. Arm and boom cylinders (rod extend ends) absorb sʜᴏᴄᴋs at stroke ends to lessen noise and lengthen service life.

The cab and body are painted using electrodeposition coating (ED). This is especially helpful for great corrosion protection in areas that are vulnerable to corrosion, like flat surfaces, edges, and boxes. The refined ED process offers a smooth, mark-free surface in contrast to spray paint, which leaves spatter marks.

In the video below, let’s see how ʜɪᴛachi Zaxis 210LCH rescues the stuck dump truck:

Source: គ្រឿងចក្រ Power Machines

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