Watch Giant Bagger 288 Bucket Wheel Excavator In Action – World’s Largest Digging Machine!

The bucket wheel excavator Bagger 288’s impressive qualities include its ability to move 240,000 cubic meters of earth per day and its weight, which is equivalent to more than 8,600 cars. Prior to that, it extracted coal from the 22-kilometer-distance Hambach mine. Since 2001, it has been working in the Garzweiler open pit lignite mine. The Bagger 288 was made in 1978. It was the biggest bucket wheel excavator at that time and it is still one of the biggest land vehicles today.

Mining equipment needs to be efficient and productive if it is to extract large amounts of minerals over a long period of time. Here is where the continuous mining technology from thyssenkrupp is put to use. The best option is an excavator with bucket wheels, which can move up to 240,000 cubic meters of lignite and overburden per day, or more than 10,000 dump truck loads. 

A 22-meter-diameter bucket wheel with 18 buckets that is 225 meters long and 96 meters high is one of the Bagger 288 bucket wheel excavator’s standout features. Four wheels are propelled by 840 kW motors. The buckets’ combined drive output of 3,360 kW is equivalent to the power of more than 30 compact vehicles. Through thick wires, the “Bagger 288,” which has more than 120 kilometers of cabling, receives 30,000 volts of power.

With 12,840 tons, the “Bagger 288” is a true heavyweight. Due to the vast surface area of its twelve crawlers, the excavator only leaves footprints somewhat deeper than a human footprint when traveling on dirt, gravel, or even sand (eight in front, four in back). When transferring the bucket wheel excavator from the Hambach mine to Garzweiler, this was an important consideration. 

Now let’s watch giant bagger 288 bucket wheel excavator in action in the video below:

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