Watch Giant Ship Going Under The Lift Bridge In Duluth

Every year, about 1,000 ships dock in Duluth, with the summer being the busiest season. The Duluth Bridge is manned by competent individuals around-the-clock. For ships carrying iron ore, cement, sailboats, and excursion tour boats, the bridge is raised and lowered.


Electricity from storage batteries that are charged by generators is largely used to power the bridge. The generators can be run by a diesel engine in the event that the power cables fail. Each end of the bridge has two 450 ton concrete block weights that are raised and lowered by electric pulleys. It is a remarkable accomplishment and a convincing reason to travel to Duluth to observe the entire operating process.


The two different ship types that visit the port are referred to as “Lakers” and “Salties”. 90% of the visitors are “Lakers,” cargo ships designed for cruising the Great Lakes. Bulk goods are supplied to the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway by them such as iron ore, coal, and stone. These vessels can carry up to 70,000 tons and have a length of up to 1,000 feet. While the “Salties” usually cruise 2,342 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to Duluth-Superior and have a maximum length of 740 feet.


Let’s Watch Giant Ship Going Under The Lift Bridge In Duluth in the video below:

Source: Wiestbound

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