Watch Sinking Ships Caught On Camera

Your boat taking on water or, even worse, capsizing is one of the worst things that may happen when you are out on the water. On the water, there are a lot of potential problems, and at some point in your boating career, you might have to confront the unpleasant reality of a sinking boat. Perhaps you ʜɪᴛ a big wave and water came pouring in, or you developed a leak someplace. Regardless of the cause of your boat’s leak, it’s critical to know what to do and how to react. Here are some potentially life-saving suggestions for handling a sinking boat.


Make sure that everyone’s life jackets are fastened, including your own if you aren’t wearing one already. Before helping anyone else, it’s crucial to make sure you put your jacket on first. Ensure that there are enough life jackets on your boat and that they fit you properly. Make sure the children on board have life jackets that fit them appropriately.


An emergency VHF radio should be included on every boat. They should be a prerequisite for any responsible boater because they are cheap. When placing a distress call, be sure to speak slowly and clearly. Don’t forget to call out your vessel’s name, coordinates, and an explanation of the emergency. For the sake of rescuers, it’s a good idea to provide a description of your boat as well. Then repeat your distress after waiting 10 seconds for a response. After you have made the radio distress call, you must, if at all feasible, put up visual distress signs. Every boat must be equipped with visible nighttime distress flares.


If pounding waves aren’t to blame for your boat’s sinking, there’s probably a leak. To stop a leak in the hull, use additional clothing, old towels, or seat cushions on board. You can try to tilt the hole above the water by relocating everything and everyone to the opposite side, depending on the type of boat you have and which side the leak is on. This may mitigate further flooding or even prevent it.

Let’s watch sinking ships caught on camera in the video below:

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