Watch Stihl Ms 880 Chainsaw Working On Big Oak Log, It’s So Powerful!

The MS 880 Stihl has a high power to weight ratio and is incredibly agile, making it ideal for felling and cutting down trees with a significant diameter. It boasts 23% more engine power than the MS 660 Stihl and can handle even the toughest woodcutting tasks. An added benefit is that it can use guide bars up to 59″ long.

On Stihl chainsaws, the chain stopping system is designed to reduce the ʀɪsᴋ of harm in particular kickback conditions. It is known as a Stihl Quickstop chain brake. The purpose of the Stihl Quickstop chain brake is to stop the chain from rotating when activated by the user’s hand or, if the saw kicks back hard enough, by inertia. In some working positions, the Stihl Quickstop chain brake may be activated by inertia, halting the chain in milliseconds.

Stihl is the only manufacturer of the ElastoStart starter handle. It’s a starting grip with an incorporated sʜᴏᴄᴋ absorber to make pulling on the starter rope easier. The ElastoStart starting grip considerably reduces the abrupt peak forces (compression) that are frequently felt while cranking. The forces at the grip are lowered after the initial compression stroke.

Using the Adjustable Automatic Oiler, the operator may adjust the lubricant of the guide bar and saw chain for different bar lengths and cutting conditions. With all of the amazing chainsaw’s features and benefits, the choice is easy. When it comes to doing heavy-duty tree felling tasks, the MS 880 Stihl chainsaw is unquestionably the best option.

Let’s Watch Stihl Ms 880 Chainsaw Working On Big Oak Log in the video below:

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