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Most people are unaware of this, but a bulldozer is actually categorized as a tractor first and foremost! The metal plate (also known as a blade) present on the front of the bulldozer distinguishes it from a farm tractor. The bulldozer is used to move substantial amounts of trash and raw materials, such as sand, boulders, soil, and bricks, similarly to a tractor.

The primary force behind bulldozer operation is provided by the tracking system. The dozer’s remarkable durability on difficult terrain and its capacity to move and hold heavy loads are due to the tracks that spin around the bottom of the machine like a circulating belt.

Bulldozers are most frequently employed for demolition work. Given their enormous size and claw-like extensions, this is not surprising. Bulldozers, though, aren’t just about causing havoc. They actually serve a variety of different functions frequently.

One of the next most frequent uses for bulldozers is earthmoving. Any type of “earth” that needs to be moved is propelled upward by the machine’s front blade.

Bulldozers can also be used for clearing land and building projects. It is common for the brush and local vegetation to be removed before a construction dig or build can start. Bulldozers handle this job in one swift motion, removing undesired trees, bushes, and occasionally, if the land hasn’t been well maintained, garbage and other trash.

Last but not least, a bulldozer can be used to build pavement strips and roadways. Similar to how vegetation must be removed from a construction site before work can begin, a road must be properly cleared and leveled before any paving or covering can start.

Now, let’s see bulldozers working amazingly in the video below:

Source: Machines News

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