World’s Weirdest Ships You Have Never Seen Before 

People mastered the art of ship construction a very long time ago. Ships are still used today to convey both people and commodities. Ships utilise the most cutting-edge technology, making them more environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation when compared to the distance a ton of goods travels. Many of the ships among them have odd forms.

Ramform Hyperion

The Ramform Hyperion was produced by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in 2017. A number of sensors with a 12-square-kilometer coverage range are being transported by the Ramform Hyperion. The ship can move silently on the water, reducing the appearance of outside disturbances that could interfere with geolocation. Other ships are urged not to approach the platform within 10 miles of a ship that is doing reconnaissance and research. On Ramform Hyperion, which hardly swings, you may feel a firm surface beneath your feet if you are pushed on water.

Blue Marlin

The massive Blue Marlin ship is used to transport larger boats, oil platforms, and other enormous facilities. The ship’s massive lift can transport oil platforms, rigs, or even battleships by lowering halfway into the water. The ship has 38 staterooms and can accommodate up to 60 passengers. The Blue Marlin also has a warm-up space, a lot of boats, and a sauna.


Vanguard, the world’s biggest cargo ship, was built in 2012. This massive ship is 70% larger than comparable vessels. This shows that the entire length of 275 meters and width of 70 meters are open for loading. With the use of watertight ballast tanks, the crew can partially submerge the ship by lowering the deck below the water’s surface. 

Let’s take a look at the world’s weirdest ships in the video below:

Source: The Sea Lad

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